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fuel pressure reducers ???

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  • Fuel System: fuel pressure reducers ???

    I have found that my '52 Commander carb cannot handle the pressure that an electric pump puts out. At least not the pump I had just now. I will probably try another electric pump, since I don't have a working mechanical pump, or the parts to rebuild my old pump yet. I am wondering about the pressure regulators that are available. Most are adjustable, I suppose but are they just an orifice that also cuts down the flow of fuel thru the line? So they reduce the pressure and the volume, right? I'm thinking that if that is true I can put a small shut-off valve in the line and adjust it without having the big ugly chrome thing on my engine.

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    Most any electric fuel pump will put out too much pressure for those carburetors.
    Though I've never used one that goes this low, try one of this type.

    This type, even though it says 4 psi minimum, I've gotten them down to 2.5 psi. These are a much better regulator...but may or may not get your pressure low enough.

    You will also need a gauge to tell you what you are adjusting to. Your carburetor should be good at 3 to 3.5psi. Just screw this into the second port of the above regulator

    You will also need various reducers to match the fuel line size in your car. That's on you..!

    If you don't want this big (about the size of a 2yr. olds fist) ugly thing in your engine compartment, you can experiment with orifice sizes and some sort of container. Again, that's on you.



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      Mr gasket adjustable fuel regulator
      Available at your FLAPS. Bout $35
      says adjustable from .5 to 5 psi
      Just put one on a rambler my son has
      When he got it it had an e lectric pump
      No reg. Noticed during carb rebuild
      Sonebody tried to compensate the higher pressure by adjusting the float
      Which i assume didnt work as there was
      Some type of putty/sealant on the air horn to bowel gasket
      Set it to 2psi. Works great.
      Oh yeah he like the round shiney thing
      Under the hood. Its only about 2" in diameter.


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        Edelbrock makes two electric fuel pumps for carb engines.
        17301 is 4-7 psi.

        17303 is 2-3.5 psi.