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Losing power to coil when key is released from "start"position

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  • Ignition: Losing power to coil when key is released from "start"position

    My 64 GT will fire up when I turn the key to start, but loses power to the coil when the ignition switch turns back from start to the on position. If I jump a wire from the battery to the coil, it runs but will die if I disconnect. Also if I leave the jumper wire on and turn off the key it still runs. I think it's the ignition switch failure, but could the pink resistance wire to the coil have failed? Doesn't seem likely to me.

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    It is the Switch, try wiggling the Key just before and after the "Run" position and check the Turn Signals or Heater Fan, I'll bet you have Power then.

    The Chicom replacements do that.

    Note that leaving the Jumper ON and turning the Key OFF does not prove anything, it will run as long as that wire is attached.

    Do not leave the wire on long, as it is giving the points the full 12 Volts for Starting only, and will damage them.
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      If there are two wires on the solenoid, like older model GM products, and you have had them disconnected, they may be switched. Just a possibility.


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        It sounds like failure of the resistor/resistance wire to me.
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          Originally posted by studegary View Post
          It sounds like failure of the resistor/resistance wire to me.
          I second. Try connecting the power from the resistor directly to the coil. If the car runs like normal, replace the resistor.


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            I agree with Gary, I believe there is a problem with the pink resistor wire between the ignition switch and the positive side of the coil. If the engine runs with the key in the start position and stalls as soon as the key is released, it's not likely that there is a problem with the ignition switch. Bud


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              I had this same problem in my 63 and it turned out to be the switch.