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Is the carb kit any good?

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  • Fuel System: Is the carb kit any good?

    When looking for something else, I found my missing complete carb kit for a Carter AS carb, which I have several available for repair. When I obtained the full kit, I received a quick kit that I used to have another AS carb repaired but while the repaired (not by me) carb works great at idle, you need to constantly feather the gas to get the Lark moving.

    So how can I learn if the full kit is any good? The gaskets look good through the bag and since I have not opened the bag I have not examined the accelerator pump. I found you can still get NAPA kits for Carter AS carbs, AMC used the AS until the mid to late 1960s so fresher parts may be available to mix and match.

    Jeff T.

    ps. I started my Lark for the first time this year, dropped in the battery, cranked the engine, then sprayed some starter fluid, turned the key and the Lark started right up.
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    If the gaskets have not shrunken they will be OK. If the accl. pump is leather just soak it in a bit of WD40 an roll it between your fingers till it is soft. I would not use an elastomer pump. They do not like alcohol.


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      Best to NOT use ethanol fuel in a Studebaker anyway....


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        Ditto. I have soaked accel pumps in 3in1 oil for a couple days and it seems to restore some elasticity.


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          I was "cleaning up " the garage last Saturday and found a big can with a bunch of gaskets (rubber and steel), and several (leather) accelerator pumps with the cardboard protector. I'm guessing they belong to old WW Strombergs, but there's likely some AS/RBS plungers in there too. Anyone ?? Got at least 1 AS & 1 WW full kit(s) too...