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What brakes on 1981 Avanti II

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  • Brakes: What brakes on 1981 Avanti II

    Thought it is time to do a brake job on my 81 but don't know what system was used in that year. Can anyone advise so I can get parts on order. Will do front and rear.

    Thanks Jim

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    The front brakes are the standard Bendix but Avanti Motors also substituted Sumitomo calipers on some cars but they're identical...were used on some Japanese cars. Rear brakes were no longer the ones Studebaker used...I believe they might have been GM sourced but am not sure. Dan Booth at Nostagic Motors would know for sure.
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      I suggest asking on the AOAI Forum. Even though many of the most active people there are also here, you may get a better and/or quicker answer there. The best is to ask on both forums.

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        The posting on the AOAI forum is an excellent suggestion but let me suggest that before you do, pull a front and rear wheel and take a few pictures and post them here and there. By now, more than a few of those cars have been concerted to other systems. A couple of picture would keep you from ordering the wrong parts. Particularly if the fronts have been converted. the Bendix system will run about $200/rotor and $100 or so each for calipers. If it's aftermarket, the parts will be under $125 for the front if Turner and under $200 if Levesque. There are also another option or two.

        The rear OEM are 1/2 ton Chevy pickup 1 1/2" width linings and, I believe Chrysler drums. but could have been converted to something else. For OEM, as suggested, Dan Booth is the go-to guy.

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          Yeah, I had an '82 for many years. The fronts are the same ol' same ol' Stude's, as noted. All parts are available from Stude Int. Although I did get a faulty Sumitomo caliper, which they quickly replaced (for the Excalibur, the '82's long gone). I never touched the rears of the II in all the years I drove it, so I cannot say anything about them on it. Sorry.