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Stromberg WW issues

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  • Fuel System: Stromberg WW issues

    Need some opinions.

    1963 Wagonaire with a Stromberg WW. carb. The carb does not seem to be squirting fuel out of the discharge nozzles when the pedal is depressed.

    Checked the fuel pump and filter, both working properly. Float level appears to be correct and the needle is also working accordingly.

    The accelerator pump works with the top plate of the carb removed and working it by hand. However, when the top plate is installed and the linkage is hooked up we have nothing. We have adjusted the "J" rod both directions and it still doesnt seem to be working.

    Both check balls are installed and in their respective places.

    Any suggestions?

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    Have you checked the condition of the plunger? (accelerator pump) These are leather wrapped and are destroyed by modern fuel. Without the benefit of lead in the fuel they crack and tear.Replacements are available at S.D.C. Hope this helps.


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      I have tried three different plungers (including the one previously installed.) It seems as if there is not enough travel.