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  • Engine: Shop Manuals

    I have a '63 Wagonaire. Any suggestions on shop manuals? I've seen a couple different ones online. Thanks

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    Steve, contact any of the Studebaker vendors ( There are 3 manuals for your car (Shop manual, chassis parts catalog and body parts catalog). You really should have all three. They are also available on CD.
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      I have both paper and c/d. I suggest the c/d, you can print the section you want and if it gets damaged, print another!- Jim


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        Thanks for the advice!


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          It's been reported that, while the CD-ROM version includes all three on one disc and is incredibly cheaper, it also has lost some of its resolution from the printed copy.
          Just a heads up.
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            I have original and repo paper manuals and also the CD version, maybe I am old but there is something about paging through a "real" manual that allows me to find "stuff" a little quicker. Maybe buy the CD first, see how you like it then start searching for paper versions, they are not all priced the same and I am a CASO As stated earlier you can just print the pages you need from the CD and I have done that and inserted those in a dedicated three ring binder to help with assembly (or assistance to a failed memory or???)


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              Yeah, don't skimp! Get ALL the manuals and never look back!!! Studebaker actually did a good job with theirs. Some current companies could learn from them.