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Master cylinder rod position

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  • Brakes: Master cylinder rod position

    My brake pedal has a resistance at the top where it should be free play.I looked in the service manual and it said that the pin in the master cylinder should be in the second hole in the sedans and the c body.Mine is a 63 Gt hawk and I thought that hardtops were k body.I can not figure why it has that resistance in the pedal and the brakes do not start to engage till you push the pedal on down.Could it be that it should be in the hole to the front of the car.Thank You,Don Borger

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    Look on page 15 under brakes. "Free Travel Adjustment-All Models".


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      You need to shorten the actuater rod 'til you have about an inch of free travel. Be sure you have a pull back spring; that is very important. Ideally you want a little free play, some soft pedal and hard pedal 1/2 to 2/3 down. Incorrect adjustment canreally ruin your day.