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Brake cable - what's it fit?

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  • Brakes: Brake cable - what's it fit?

    I've got an NOS rear parking brake cable that I bought years ago from SASCO/Studebaker International. I'm not sure what it fits. I THINK it's for 1963-66 Wagonaires with sliding roof but without disk brakes. I might have bought it to replace the old cable but then I decided to put the larger drums on the rear as the previous owner had swapped to disks at the front but never upgraded the rears. That took a different parking brake cable.

    Anyway, here are photos of the cable. It's 221 inches end-to-end. Might be 1559954. Yours for $30.00, including shipping.

    There is an off chance that it's for an M5 truck, but I think it's too long for that. But, could also be for 122" wheelbase 7E/8E truck, as I swapped the brakes on my M5 for the later ones. I just don't remember how I got this thing.

    Click image for larger version

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    Trucks are usually 6xxxxx or 16xxxxx part numbers except when part was shared with a car.
    Anyway- that part number is a late ish part number, 1963-66 Wagonaire rear cable kinda rare. I do not recognize the sleeved ends.


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      Hi Gary , The ends that are crimped on the cable are correct for a drum brake car , But the length seems a little long at 221" As a Gt Hawk is 162" But I've been wrong before , Ed