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'51 Champion rain water leak

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  • Body / Glass: '51 Champion rain water leak

    My '51 Champion 2-door recently spent a night in a fairly steady rain. The next morning a small area of carpet was soaked right at the front door seam on both the driver and passenger sides of the car. The weatherstripping appears intact, but I doubt it's the original rubber, simply because of the car's age. Those door seals seem the likely culprits. Are there replacement door seals made for that car?

    Many cars have leaks the factory never anticipated and never fixed. Is this one of them for my car? Has anyone had any experience with this problem and its cure? Thanks.

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    All of the Weatherstripping is available New for your Car.

    Sometimes you have to shim up the Door W/S's with thinner rubber under them, to make a tighter seal.
    Yes Studebakers often have water running over the Door Seals.

    If you are used to Newer Cars not leaking, it is because they have drain channels next to the Weatherstrips and DUAL Weatherstrips!
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      As well, it's possible the windshield gasket could be the culprit, leaking down behind the dash and dripping on the floor. I lost some original documentation in my glovebox when it got saturated, and that leak was NOT from the door seals.
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        A leak on my 51 was traced to the gaskets under the windshield wiper transmissions. Replacement gaskets made from bicycle inner tubes solved that problem.
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          Older winshield gaskets can leak as stated in the previous posts-it may take some detective work to see where it's coming in. I've had good luck putting sealer between the rubber and glass (on the exterior) to stop these leaks.


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            Since getting my first Studebaker in 1993, I have found the best way to keep them from leaking is to park someplace where it does not get wet... I got so tired of chasing leaks in my '62 Lark, I simply pulled up the carpet and underlay and drove it with bare metal floors - but it did dry out pretty quick Good luck.


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              You should try driving a ‘51 Champion Convertible if you want to see water leaking from every possible spot during a rainstorm,