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electronic ignition - which module?

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    Originally posted by Frank DuVal View Post
    I do think it is funny, as the Chrysler modules were very unreliable back in the 80s. I see you say "trigger", so whose module do you use? No way would I have thought the Chrysler module could ever be called bullet proof. Replaced too many of them back then.
    Well, that was then and this is forty years later. When the Rochester and Bendix fuel injection systems were introduced in 1957, the technology was not yet there to support the very valid concept. The US manufacturers gave up and sold their patents to Bosch; they spent thirty years to refine that idea and today most every vehicle runs on injection based upon that 1950s unreliable design. Same with the Mopar electronic modules; what is available today bears little relationship to those first generation parts. Today, they are available as $16 Chicom to a $165 Made in USA racing unit.

    jack vines


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      I knew they must be working well, since you use them in customer cars.

      The funny part is there is a difference in improving a concept to make completely new systems based on old unreliable parts and making new replacements for the exact unreliable part. No part on modern fuel injection will fit the old systems, but these new reliable Chrysler modules plug right into the 1970s car! If only they were available back then......
      Frank DuVal

      50 Commander 4 door