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DG 250 and throttle "issue" ?

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  • Engine: DG 250 and throttle "issue" ?

    Got kind of a strange one here folks. When I put the car ( our 55 President coupe ) in reverse and just give normal throttle to back up, all is well. If there is a slope or an edge I have to back over...therefor giving more throttle, the throttle sticks at "too fast" but will come right back down if I blip it. I am quite gentle with our car, no hot rodding going on ( yet, ha ! ), and it does not quite over-power the brakes, but, I wouldn't want this to happen if I or someone else wasn't ready for it or in a tight place. Suggestions ? Remember, this is ONLY in reverse. Thanks experts !

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    Have you checked your engine mounts? If the engine is moving around, it could be causing the throttle linkage to bind.
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      No sir, not yet, but as soon as I can I'm going to check those, the tranny mount, the center bearing, and all the other things that can get "wobbly" or loose underneath. It's one of those cars I enjoy so much that I keep hesitating to find something that stops me from driving it when I want. I know that's silly, since if I nailed something going backwards too fast, that would also stop me from driving it, ha !