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'60 Lark battery hold-down.

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  • Electrical: '60 Lark battery hold-down.

    My Lark didn't come with a battery or the hold-down bracket. I was about to make my own, but I wondered if someone had a photo of what they're supposed to look like? Thanks! -Marc.

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1725733 There is or was, a Stud in the upper inner fender, and there is a Hole on the Lower side of it for the "J" Bolt, the Rubber Dipped Hold Down Bracket is available at Studebaker Vendors.

    NOTE: the pictured Lark has the WRONG Battery, it SHOULD be a Group 24 with the Posts Inboard, the Negative post would be FORWARD, this is a Ford 24F Battery.
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      I have them nos for your car 29.00 ea. , Ed


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        This is from an older SI catalog, so availability and prices have probably changed. But you can see the bracket #1339477 for the '60 Lark at the bottom.
        Similar hold downs should be available at your local FLAPS.

        Click image for larger version

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          Yep, a welded stud on the fender, and a long "J" stud on the open (engine side) side.

          Make SURE that the stud on the fenderwell, is welded solidly. The "J" stud will do nothing if the short stud breaks loose. Ask me how I know this.



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            Originally posted by jts359 View Post
            I have them nos for your car 29.00 ea. , Ed
            They are $30 in the SI catalog that I have. You may as well buy it from jts359 here. It is likely that you also need the J-bolt for the engine side of it.

            EDIT: I will add that your battery should be a Group 24 or 24C, not a 24F.
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              Much thanks as always guys! I'll follow up on getting one. The stud is still there, I just wasn't sure how it was supposed to hold the batt down by itself! -Marc.