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  • Frame / Springs: Front Springs Lark

    Buddy has a 63 lark with a needs sprigs now, was planning on going with Detroit Eaton Spring....question is, if we convert this car to Super Lark much extra weight is the Supercharger and related stuff? Or is there a spring specification that I can follow? What about the rear?

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    Super Larks and Hawks used the Heavy Duty front Coil Springs which are not Variable Rate. The Rears were also Heavy Duty with an extra Leaf.

    The Parts Catalog spells all this out for you, and you can give your Spring Mfg. the HD Part Numbers, if they are like "Coil Spring Specialties Co." which I happen to prefer for Coils, for better Service, Family operated etc. they would have the Specs for those Coils.

    It is not so much about the Weight as it is the POWER, and the Driving Style anticipated.
    Remember that the R1 Super Lark had the same springs all around as the R2 did.
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      Use the equivalent of Moog CC655 (out of production). You can get them from O Reilley Auto Parts under number SPO8055 Precision Springs. Put the tight wound end up. I've had them in my R2 Superlark since 1993. They will keep the car at the correct ride height and handle better than the stock HD units without the harshness. I also use Gabriel Classic gas shocks with them.

      See this post


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        I don't know if this information will be useful now, but when I was in high school in the 1970's I fixed my very saggy front 1962 Lark Daytona by replacing the springs with ones that I took off a 1963 Wagonaire.


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          Ok, the moog number worked, the can make those for $260 a pair....


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            I would follow Jim's recommendation. O'Reilly has them for $100 a pair.



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              Still a question about Lark front springs. 60 Lark VI - would like to know:
              free length
              spring rate in lbs/in
              I'm putting a very light engine/trans in and am shopping for some 5" diameter dirt-track car springs. I can get 13" or 11" FL; with spring rate from 100 - 500 lbs/in. Anybody have the stock spring info?
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