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  • Engine: Pulley

    Does anyone have any ideas removing the pulley behind the harmonic balancer. Its really stubborn. I’ve tried a pulley puller with no luck

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    Put some fender washers or a piece of aluminum bar stock in the end of the crank to keep from buggering up the threads and use a stout puller.


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      I would assume that the bolts through the vibration damper secure the pully to it, and if you pull the damper after removing the big center bolt the pully will come with it. If you removed all the small bolts the pully will stay there. This must be a 6 because the pully is behind the damper on a 6 and in front on a V8.


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        You have to remove the HUB as the pulley is behind it on earlier sixes. That will require a good puller. Like others have already stated protect the threads in the crankshaft snout.
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          I just removed some pulleys on a couple of V8s and one 6 and a small Ford V6 and they came off with minimal effort using a standard puller. There was no grunting or hard pulling just easy turning. I used a solid piece of round stock that fit down inside the bolt hole that stopped against the crankshaft, to help center the puller I dimpled the end of the round stock with a 1/4" drill, there was no issues and no thread damage.


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            I do not know what this is about as there is no pulley behind the vibration dampner. Sometimes the hub on the crank can be stubborn . Put the big crank bolt back in the crankshaft bolt hole to protect the threads and use a good puller. Use an impact wrench on the puller. Put tension on it and leave it; tighten it up every day and something will give! Don't use acetylene but a propane torch might help. Patience!