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  • Engine: Oil Filter Comparison

    I thought this was a very good comparison to the various oil filters out there:
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    I stumbled across this video inadvertently as it played automatically after I finished watching another youtube video. I would like to see our fellow forum member Deepinhock's (Jeff Rice) opinion. I could be wrong, but I believe he has spent years as a manufacturer's representative in the filter industry. I respect that kind of experience... the knowledge, and insight as a result of those years. We see this kind of thing over and over as some of our long-time reputable brands allow their hard-earned reputations to be compromised by short-sighted executives who trade on that well-established brand name while sacrificing the quality of their product. Instead of staying on top of research & development, these executives/investors, hope to grab their cash, move on, and leave the remains for those who failed to catch on before it is too late.

    There are more brands of filters on the market than manufacturing facilities that make them. Therefore it is safe to assume that many different brands of filters come from the same factory. In many cases, different brands from the same facility are built differently because of contractual specifications between the brand and the actual production facility.

    I don't know how old that video is, but if I were a Fram marketing executive, I would either be scrambling to improve my product, disprove this video, or looking for another company for a new job!
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      I'm not sure what the take-away from that video is. The question which is not answered, and the only question that matters is : How well do these filters work? It may be that the "worst" of them removes fine particles well enough. You can't answer that question by looking, nor by commenting about minor bits of rust, length of paper, type of bypass valve.

      On the website you will find properly done evaluations of filters as measued by actual performance, not amateur eyeballing.

      And how important are filters anyway? VW Beetles had no filters, and engines lasted a long time considering that they had to work hard, spending hours near full throttle, just to keep up with Interstate traffic.

      Fram filters are crap? Well, Fram are factory fitment on new Ferraris. Is Ferrari making a serious error?

      It's a bit like the neverending question "Which oil is best?" The truth is probably that all major brands are more than good enough.


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        Originally posted by jnormanh View Post
        ... Fram filters are crap? Well, Fram are factory fitment on new Ferraris. Is Ferrari making a serious error? ...
        My brother worked for Purolator and actually tested the filters. He said they were good filters but added that many are made to the manufactures specs. He said (at the time) that Caterpillar's specs were so high they struggled to meet them. Maybe that is the case with Ferrari? But, yes, I agree what is the appropriate standard? Rather do they all meet a set specification - regardless?

        I've seen air filters by unfolded length that had overwhelmingly more filter area than others. But the pleats were so close together that after the first layer of contamination wedged in the outer area of the pleat the tight, inner area was ineffective. And inversely the filters with far less pleats (and thus less surface area) actually had a pathway for air to pass through the whole filter surface.
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          I'm thinking we are overthinking this subject. If you change oil and filter at regular intervals any filter on the market is probably good enough. If you don't change regularly than none are good enough to by themselves prevent engine damage.


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            ^^^^What he said.^^^^ Oil filters today are probably so much better at the job than when our cars were first built. The same with motor oil.
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              Every year there are those YouTube warriors that cut apart filters and do their best to bring the layman view to the Internet masses. And... If they get enough web hits, they will get the attention of the company of the product they scorned. Sometimes there is a nice factory tour and wine and dine. Well whoopdydoo...
              No exception here with this video. There is no 'engineering' done by cutting filters apart.
              That technique is used to see how bad the engine metal infiltration is.

              Yes, I am jaded. No, I am not biased. I have opinions that are based on facts, corporate experience, and customer satisfaction.

              This video is nicely edited and prepared. So is a Sham-Wow commercial.
              Yawn. This guy does not have a clue as to who is building what brand. He is comparing apples to oranges.
              But there is one salient point. Companies change. Management changes. Manufacturing techniques change.
              And sometimes companies don't change...when they should change.
              In my opinion, Fram is like that. They were just sold to Trico, of all places.
              The former #1 filter brand in the world was sold, run down, filed for bankruptcy, and then sold again.
              Hard to keep a lead that way. Wix was recently sold to Mann and Hummel (Germany).
              My opinion? Buy the premium filter, buy the best oil. Run it long, hard, and hot. Change your oil often.
              The heck with the witty commercials.
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                Thanks Jeff for cutting to the chase!

                I remember in year of old when Fram had it headquarters in East Providence, RI and you could always get a deal there. Them thar' days are long gone so I just change oil once a year as I drive very little these days.

                That's my story and I'm a-stickin' with it!


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                  I have used NAPPA Gold filters on my 64 R2 Avanti, 63 GT Hawk and will do so on my 64 Super Hawk R1 full package. Just my own choice with the advice from my mechanic.


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                    I’m not sure about now but a few years ago Wix made the Napa gold filters