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Water pump for Lionel Stone R2 aluminum manifold

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  • Cool/Heat: Water pump for Lionel Stone R2 aluminum manifold

    This may have been discussed in the past but I haven't found any info. I have a Lionel Stone aluminum water manifold for a supercharger and I've found that the water pump for a Stude water manifold (cast iron) does not reach into the pump recess far enough to have proper clearance to the "backing" area in the manifold. Does anyone have experience with this issue and if so is there any solution. I've done some non exact measurements and have come up with the need for an additional .340" (approximate) depth of the impeller. If I remember correctly someone used either a Chrysler or Ford impeller to solve this issue, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas for a fix? Thanks, Bill.

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    No idea on an impeller but either fasten a steel plate to the water pump surface or TIG an aluminum plate in-place as a thought. Bob


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      The way understood it, is that the impeller is not going in far enough. If that is the case, either a longer impeller/shaft, would work, or if the case is deep enough to machine .340" off of the front of it and drill and tap new holes. Just thoughts, without being able to see the manifold. Good luck with it!