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Bad water pump?

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  • Engine: Bad water pump?

    My 289 in my 64 GT is in ongoing restoration still. But when I run the engine for a few minutes to a half hour, there are no coolant leaks. After a few days however, it seems to "take a leak" There will be a small puddle of coolant under the front of the engine and in the recess of the front crossover. (right in the middle under the steering bellcrank). Strange that it takes a few days to leak. Any thoughts? I think it's the water pump.

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    There is a weep hole on the cast WP shaft housing.
    Its designed to allow any leakage past the seal to escape and not corrode the bearing.
    (Note that you can bolt the water pump on in any of its 4 orientations, but weep hole DOWN is correct.)
    Old plumber trick is to feel around with a dry paper towel to find out where the leak is.


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      Definitely the water pump. Mine did the exact same thing. Took a while to find it but it was coming out the weep hole.


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        probably. This is a "cold water leak" which is a tiny hole somewhere that will close up when the engine warms up and the parts expand. Place a newspaper under the car and come back to it after a few days; this might give you a clue but coolant can run along a hose or anything else before dripping to the ground. If weep hole is up you will be able to see a tell tale track of coolant or rust. Hoses can leak to and we (me) can let them get pretty old sometimes. Check for loose clamps and if you are an all original guy those spring clamps are a leak waiting for a place to happen They only used them 'cause they are cheap and cheap to install. Dye added to the coolant such as flourosciene (sp?) flouresces under UV light and can make it super easy to find an elusive leak. Other dyes a available that don't require a UV light .


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          Thank-you everyone for confirming my suspicions. I figured it was the weep hole and hot expansion that keep coolant in until it cooled down. I have all new hoses and clamps, so it has to be the water pump.