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    Forget all I said about the ESC/T feature of HFI. (Too many acronyms.) I've since learned, "phasing" in its entirety, which is critical. Till recently, I only understood step 2 of a 2-step process. Long story short, HFI's distributor comes with step 1 already done, and instructions for step 2. But I disassembled both distributors for a look-see (long story); upon reassembly, I did not re-do step 1; I did step 2 (which is only a little different from installing a points distributor) but, without step 1 it was incorrect. That the car ran as well as it did, is testament of the wizardry of the electronic circuitry in the ECU, which tries to compensate for problems.

    I'm electronically challenged, but blame my mistake on the term, PHASING. Though not in Websters, it's used in auto electronics for a 2-step process, complicated only by its name. If anyone said, "you need to resynchronize the reluctor and rotor anytime the distributor is disassembled", it would be simple. However, "you need to re-do phasing" means nothing to me. So my response to the above fiasco is to spend the rest of my life translating phasing: "Oh, you mean synchronize the reluctor with the rotor, then time the rotor with the motor?"

    Thanks to the the ECU, it's possible to run an ESC/T motor indefinitely without proper phasing. But to run, "right" it must be done. It only takes a few minutes, with distributor in or out of the car. Not sure it applies to all electronic distributors, but it does if ISC/T is involved.
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