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Solenoid installation 51 champ overdrive solenoid

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Solenoid installation 51 champ overdrive solenoid

    I replaced the ring that seats in the manual transmission for the solenoid shaft for my 51 champ. I slid the solenoid back in. Are there any tricks that I am missing. From doing a visual inspection it just appears that the pawl just pushes in and out. Any help would be appreciated. I saw a guys video that explained to you had to somehow lock it in place but like I said mine seemed to just slid in.

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    There is a flat spot on the end of the solenoid "ball" (on the end of the actuating shaft) It fits into a round slot on the locking pawl inside the overdrive unit. The only way it will fit inside that hole is to twist the solenoid approximately 90 degrees when you push it in, and then after it's in, rotate it so the mounting holes line up. If you get it in properly, if you pull straight out without rotating, it should not slide out.
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      Notice the funky shaped end? It engages inside. Hold it 1/4 turn 'off' and push it in. . turn it to match the holes. It won't 'pull out' when it is in right. I don't have the manual handy for anything more specific.


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        Think I got it. The shaft was itself was a quarter turn off. When I turned it a quarter turn I followed your instuctions and it worked. Won’t come out.