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Bilstein update: 1962 Gran Turismo Hawk

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  • Shocks: Bilstein update: 1962 Gran Turismo Hawk

    After much perseverance I feel I have come up with a worthy high end shock application until Dave gets the Koni order together.
    This was all to appease my pal for which I had sourced a real nice '62 GT stick car. Bilstein has transferred all classic shock applications to an outfit in Arizona:[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Race Car Dynamics Of Arizona, INC
    [/COLOR]Although they won't sell to you directly, they will assist in your application( albeit I had to sort out their incorrect rear application) and recommend a dealer near to you for purchase.

    Fronts: # 55-5082
    This is as close to bolt in as you'll find. It requires some fanagling with the lower pin as every application is too short for Studebakers.

    Rears: # 55-R410
    A little more creativity is required as dimensionally (collapsed/extended) it is as close as you'll find BUT the lower mounting requires modification. I removed the lower spring plates and in a very heavy vice, heated and bent the plates to the correct shock location angle. WIth the supplied pin assembly, they fit like a glove.

    Unfortunately for we enthusiasts, this is the route we have to take with a 55 year old classic.

    Luck, Bill

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    I would think you could just swap the spring plates and have many more choices of shocks.

    For the rear: 1957-62 was the old style, with a bolt and spacer. 1963 and up has a stud mount.

    Are these for a better 'launch'? How are they?


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      They make a 57 year old car drive much more like a newer brand X which we are used to as our daily drivers'. We haven't yet installed the fast steering arms nor the upgraded sway bar kit and traction bars, but the end result will be stunning. They, like the Koni Shocks, make the car feel connected to the road drastically reducing body roll and quickening the steering response. If you have never driven these high end performance shocks, you don't know what you are missing. There is a reason why they are $100.00+ each vs a $15.00 unit.
      As for #2's response, I agree but we did not have any other plates to choose from.


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        would these shocks fit (with persuasion ) a 56 commander ( wagon )


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          Yes, I have the similar setup for my '57 Clipper Wagon, only in Konis. It just takes a little creativity with the mounts.


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            Bill---- do you have p/n's for front and rear ? thanks