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1942 President 8

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  • Interior: 1942 President 8

    Hi all, I am in need of some Ventilator Channels right and left, pt No 274520 and 274521 which fix to front edge of the door glass and fill gap between the ventilator windows and the edge of front edge of door glass. Has anyone got any pics of them so I can see what they actually look like, hoping to get some made as I am unable to find any for sale.

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    Send us an email through If we don’t have the parts, I can at least email back with photos of the window dividers on the ‘42 President that’s at the shop.


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      It is the stainless edged moulding that doubles as the vent window seal (felt) It pops onto the front edge of the door glass.

      Expand the search to M series Trucks, it is the same part number as the truck. You'll need glass setting tape too.

      These years tend to share many things, You might look in the book at the 1941-42 Champion, Comm, & Pres. If Matt does not have them, I might have them.