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  • Engine: spark plug help

    what heat range spark plug will the engine need, and what is the highest it may handle
    thank you

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    What year and what engine?

    My 1950 Studebakers use a Champion J-7 or J-8.


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      Originally posted by TWChamp View Post
      What year and what engine?

      My 1950 Studebakers use a Champion J-7 or J-8.
      oh, of course, I forgot
      a 1957 silver hawk 289 4 barrel


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        One is the Champion H-10.
        That's about it. Few places carry anything else. Why would you want something else ?


        P.s. - Or it's "other brand" equivalent. Any brand will work just fine.


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          Autolite # 437 is also an option.


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            The standard extended Tip Plug after 1954 was the H-14Y in Original "Champion Speak", an H-10 is a Colder non-extended tip Plug, a J-18Y has the wrong reach and it is Hotter, if you do not have Racing Pistons with tall pop-ups there will be no contact.

            Of course all of these Old Numbers have to be crossed over to modern Numbers and the Heat Range, Reach etc. is not known from the Part Number.

            Are you building a High Performance Engine, Drag Racer or Street Engine?

            If you have Plug Fouling, it is not likely the Plugs, but the Engine that needs help.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              The new Champion number for the correct V8 Studebaker plug is 857 or RH18Y which replaced the older H14Y which was originally speced for the V8 engines. The RH10C or new number 854 is only recommended for the 1957 and 1958 Golden Hawk. The Champion 857 or Autolite 437 are the correct plugs for your engine. You could use an H10 in a pinch but do not use any of the J series plugs from Champion as they are only used in the R engines. Bud