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hat is the name of my 4 speed trans.

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: hat is the name of my 4 speed trans.

    Sorry I left the "W" off of what. Can someone help me out. Who made my 4 speed trans. in my 63 Lark & what is the proper name for it. T-?????? Thank you Bob.

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    It is a Borg-Warner T-10.


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      If it's a stock Studebaker supplied T-10, then it is a borg Warner T-10. Essentially the same trans as the early Chevy transmissions used in the Corvettes and Impalas. By 63 the mounting to the bell housing had changed from the Chevy style bolt pattern to one more similar to the Ford Pattern. There was also a gear ratio change, but off the top of my head, I can't remember if it changed from close ratio to wide or vice versa. Someone here will know and comment. (and correct any misgivings I may have offered)


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        If I remember correctly, the T10 transmissions used in the 1961 and early 1962 Studebakers were the close ratio 2.20 to 1 and late 1962 to 1964 were the 2.50 to 1 wide ratio transmission with the Ford bolt pattern.I remember when I rebuilt the transmission in my very early 1962 Hawk, there were differences in internal parts between the early and later transmissions. Bud


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          As has been mentioned, Studebaker used both Chevrolet and Ford bolt patterns of the Borg-Warner T10 and 2.20 and 2.54 gear ratio sets. It all begins with the Production Order. Was your 1963 Lark originally built with a 4-speed? That's a clue, but not a guarantee. Many 4-speeds have migrated from their original home.

          FWIW, over the years, we've seen most every possible and improbable transmission show up in a Studebaker. So begin with the PO and go on to photos for a more reliable indication of what you've got.

          jack vines


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            Thank you. Have a nice day. Bob


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              Thanks everyone, It is stock and I have the gear ratio information.