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48 Studebaker LS-3 conversion rear end Question

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  • Rear Axle: 48 Studebaker LS-3 conversion rear end Question

    I have decided to upgrade the rear end so it can handle the power of the LS-3. I found a Dana 44 rear end, that is the right width, out of a 1966 Avanti 2. My problem is i need drums , shoes and wheel cylinders but no one seems to have them or know what will cross with them. There were ,and are, many cars That used the Dana 44 (including tapered shaft ) ,I just need to find parts that are compatible with my set up. It has 11 inch drums , hub bolt pattern is 4.5x5, 2 inch brake shoes, and i believe 1 inch diameter hub shaft. Any help will be much appreciated.

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    With the exception of having flanged axle shafts, a 66 Avanti II would have the same rear axle parts as a 64 Avanti. Studebaker International has what you need
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      What brakes do you plan on for the FRONT? The Avanti had disc brakes. Studebaker used an awkward rear brake set up to go along with them. You may not want those brakes.

      If the backing plates have an eccentric adjuster, they are from a D/B car.

      You can use late, late, 65 and most all 66 sedan and wagon brakes as long as you get the backing plates with them and they had a flanged axle also.

      I'd have stuff to complete either type, but you have to know what direction you are going. There were 2 completely different rear brake set ups that will fit that diff.


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        My plan for the 48 Business Coupe is to use Turner Disc conversion for the front brakes, the back is still up in the air, i don't know which way to go. I found this 66 Avanti rear end through a fellow member of our local car club. Unfortunately , the rear end was stored uncovered and sunken in the ground. Although it is a good dana 44, and will work for my V8 upgrade, it needs every part on each side. When i got the drums off,i found ALL the parts inside were rusted beyond salvaging, including the backing plates. The only parts that are good are the hubs. Even the shoes are not able to be re-lined, springs etc. are shot.How much would it cost to buy everything I need to fix this rear end ? Another alternative is to buy the Turner Rear Disc Brake Conversion. A third Alternative would be write off this rear end and look for something else. Thoughts?


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          Probably the lowest cost AND acceptable to your Hot Rod, plan is; to rebuild that Traction Bar Bracket equipped, Front Disc Brake compatible, Avanti Rear Axle Brake setup, it is most likely a Twin Traction Limited Slip, another Bonus.
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            I would just get a 8.8 out of a Ford explorer and shorten one side. In the long run you will be money and headaches ahead.


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              Originally posted by swvalcon View Post
              I would just get a 8.8 out of a Ford explorer and shorten one side. In the long run you will be money and headaches ahead.
              Or find a 9" from a Lincoln Versailles, if you can, it should already be the right width, has disk brakes and will handle the power easilly.