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How to Convert shift pattern to GM Trans setup?

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: How to Convert shift pattern to GM Trans setup?

    I saw this post of items for sale today, and wanted to know about the conversion for the shift pattern


    "parts from a Jeep Wagoneer to convert shift pattern to GM style, there is the little plastic indicator window, and shift dedent lock plate"

    Seeing as how my 59 lark has a GM trans (TH350), Id love to get the shift pattern and indicator on the steering column to match the shift pattern of the trans. Does anyone have any details on how to do this, and what parts are needed?

    Thanks in advance

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    That is my stuff on in the classifieds. I thought I saved the discussion where this was outlined, but couldn't find it. Don't recall where I read about it.
    However, even though its been 6 or 7 years ago, I know the parts fit the late Lark column as I test fitted them back then.
    The first year or 2 of the Jeep Wagoners have what your after.
    I don't think the window would be that hard to reproduce, but the plate is the critical piece.
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      The early Wagoneers used the Borg Warner cast iron case trans. like a Stude. with a GM 327 V8 that has a Valve Body that uses a Shift Dial that reads:
      P R N D 2 1 for a 3 Speed, so will work with a THM 350, but not a 700R4 4 Speed Overdrive, if you HAD one.

      I saved a steering column "Bell" that goes with one of these, and it has a Red knob on the right for 4 Way Flashers!
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        Thanks everyone

        If Im understanding you all correctly, I just need these parts to make the conversion?

        And the metal piece goes into the steering column where the shift indicator light is? Or does that go somewhere else?

        I can probably have that clear plastic piece 3d printed with a bit of effort.

        Thanks in advance.


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          I found the old post about it.

          Ok, I think Im on my way then. Thanks everyone.