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Best radial match for 6.50-16 LT tire is...?

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  • Wheels / Tires: Best radial match for 6.50-16 LT tire is...?

    Hi again Guys,

    What is the 'best'/ recommended radial tire size match for a 6.50 - 16 LT tire? I understand that changing to a radial tire will help smooth out the ride. I've already replaced the shocks and some front end parts. Thanks for your replies.

    Mark in OhioClick image for larger version

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    Hi Mark.
    I think the size of a 6.50x16 is 6.5" width and 80% aspect ratio of 5.2"giving an overall diameter of 26.4". The metric size would be 165/80x16. I don't know if you can get them but 175/75/16 may be a better choice? I can't help but think a radial will have a smaller looking sidewall than an old crossply??? I'm not a tyre expert so hopefully someone else will be around to help
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      I put 195/75/16s on my Champ truck. They are just right. Fit right on my original rims.
      Ed Sallia
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