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Engine: 1554641 VCD422

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  • Engine: 1554641 VCD422

    Looking for more HELP. So far, I think that this is a 1962 259 (Canadian). She's got 2-bolt valve covers.
    Casting: 1554641
    Stamping: VCD 423

    It's in my 1959 4E3-122. Does the 4E3 = 6cylinder???

    Just trying to make sense of my new Stude...


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    Do Do Do Do (theme from twilight zone) [:0] Wow Jeff, you sure you don't have the twin to my '59 4E7! Although my truck was always a V8, the original 6E 289 engine block was cracked and was replaced with the newer block out of a '64 Hamilton built car, so it is a VC also. (259 and 289 blocks are the same) Some explanations of your 4E3-122. 4E = 1959 truck model, 3 = 245 6 cylinder engine, 122 wheelbase of your truck. Your truck would have originally had a 245 6 cylinder engine with a 4E **** number stamped on a machined pad on the side of the block. As far as I know, and someone please correct me if I am wrong, '64 was the only year that blocks were coded with letters after the V or P prefixes on V8's instead of numbers, Studebaker was making a transition in the coding before they went out of business. By the way, I painted my block black just for the look with all the finned aluminum![8D] Tim

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      Thanks for the info. (how is it that Studebaker info is SO elusive?!)

      I was thinking it was a '64 engine, but didn't they go to 4 bolt valve covers in '64? Or is this a '64 block with '62 heads?!?! Got an idea if it's a 259 or a 289?

      Your black engine w/ all of the AL looks great! I've wanted to try to stay as original as possible with this thing - and the right engine color for the year (silver/grey/aluminum/ish???) is what I'll probably go with... with black valve covers... Dunno... hot rod is always cooler...[8D] She ain't original, so whatev...

      Anyone else with input on what the heck this engine is???


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        VC= 259 for Canadian prodcution

        D= April
        4= 1964(calendar year of assy)
        23= 23rd day of April

        All VC's built on this day will bear the same number.

        Studebaker dropped 4 bolt valve covers after 1959.


        59 Lark


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          my canadian 63 gt hawk has a pc engine number

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          mervyn mundorf
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            The first few pages of your Studebaker Parts Catalog tells you that "P" starting engine serial numbers indicate a 289 engine, so it would not match Jeff's 259 code "V", although both have the Canadian "C".

            quote:Originally posted by merv

            my canadian 63 gt hawk has a pc engine number mervyn mundorf Owner
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