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1954 Champion V8 swap

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  • Engine: 1954 Champion V8 swap

    I am trying to assist a fellow with a 1954 Champion 4 door sedan which, many years ago, had a conversion to an early 60's OHV Inline Six from a Lark. He is interested in installing the 224 CID V8 which is in my Packard. It runs extremely well with no smoke, noises or other issues.
    My question is this: His is equipped with the 3 speed with overdrive so obviously a V8 flywheel, bellhousing and clutch assembly would be required but what else? Obviously motor mounts, radiator upgrade, exhaust etc. It's been a long time since I did something like this and I just want to make sure I cover all bases before proceeding and he has no surprises.
    Thanks for any and all information.

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    Dial indicate the bell housing. Driveshaft needs to be looked up for length. The trans may not fit, the linkage will need tweaking/replaceed at the cross shaft depending on what was done to fit the current trans. The throttle linkage from the gas pedal on out to the carb needs to be from a V8 . Rad hoses, starter/cable, air cleaner, Right now is a great time to do V8 front springs and brakes. I'd have most of these items.


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      Originally posted by Buzzard View Post
      His is equipped with the 3 speed with overdrive so obviously a V8 flywheel, bellhousing and clutch assembly would be required but what else?
      The six cylinder used a Borg Warner DG T96 transmission, while the V-8 used the heavier duty T86.
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        Are you in Tucson and is that car 2-tone green?
        If so, it may be my late friend's car, and that engine a 185 OHV!


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          I just completed installing a '63 259 in my '54 Champion sedan. It was a very easy fit, the front mounts for the six are exactly the same as the V8, however I chose to move the engine back one inch to clear the steering, I fabricated the engine mounts. I made models of plywood while the engine was hanging on the chain hoist when they were fitted prefect we made the out of steel and bolted them in. Moving the engine back one inch allowed greater distance from the fan and centered the rear mount on the crossmember. The cross member has a variety of holes however none lined up and two holed had to be drilled to fit. Drilling upside down the hot drill chips can burn. I used the one piece drive shaft from a 63 Lark and had to shorten it some (this was done in a drive shaft shop). The standard exhaust fits. The distributor is at the rear and it fits with no issues the firewall is recessed out to accommodate the distributor the same firewall was used on the Commander models. The throttle linkage fit with no modifications and the transmission linkage from the 63 Lark also fit with no modifications. There may be some more small issues. I will repost.


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            My late friend's car is light green with white around only the side windows.
            Also has white vinyl seat covers.


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              The Six Cylinder rear end Model 23 or 27 will be OK with the little "224" but the 11 Inch Front and 10 Inch Rear Brakes from a V8 will be needed also.

              I agree that a T-86 3 Speed BW Overdrive Trans. will be needed as well.

              You will have to check out what they did for a driveshaft, if the existing 170 OHV Six had it's Trans. it would be a Long Tail with a a slide-in ONE PIECE Driveshaft possibly with the Center Support Crossmember partially or completely removed.

              So if you find a Short Tail T-86 Trans. that crossmember may have to be Repaired/Installed or some kind of Custom slip yoke built or a Long Tail '58 or newer trans. used.
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