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1940 President Disc Brake Conversion?

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  • Brakes: 1940 President Disc Brake Conversion?

    Does anyone have any knowledge on a disc brake conversion for my 1940 President? My car is in original shape, I drive it all the time but getting burned out on drum brakes.

    Thank you in advance!!

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    You might try here...


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      Okie -

      Don't know if they have anything for a 1940, but if they do... They're kits are simple but effective and plenty strong enough to do the job.


      P.s. - can you weld ? Do you have a machine shop that you use ?
      Make up your own brackets. Put your own parts together for the rotor.
      I made my own brackets and hashed together my own rotor assembly for my 54 wagon. I know that there are kits (have a Hot Rods and Brakes kit in another car), I just wanted something different.


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        Try calling Jim Turner.
        He gets interesting requests all the time.
        He was at Deep-N-Hock Acres last weekend and we were talking about his new upcoming 1950 disc brake conversion kit.
        Other years are always under considerstion.

        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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          Jim Turner is working a setup for the 1939/40 Champions.
          I found a complete front axle assembly in my pile and my friend Tom delivered it to Jim to design a disk brake assembly.