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    Originally posted by doofus View Post
    Good Luck Kerry!! seems those repop switches aint to swell. My 53 cranks and cranks but wont fire till i release switch. more checking when rain slacks off. may wind up with seperate Ign and start switches! Luck Doofus
    My cobra was doing this too.
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      I used to sell some of the repop switches and had customers complain that their new switches soon failed.
      I replaced these with N.O.S. switches that I had set aside for my own cars and asked for the defective switches to be returned.
      I took these defective switches apart and found that the contacts were silver plated copper instead of solid silver as the N.O.S. switches were.
      The silver plating did not last very long and the points burned.
      I mentioned this to the supplier and I think think that that has been corrected.
      In the mean time , there are still bad ones floating around.
      The same happens to some of the repopped relays.
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        You, my man, are fortunate. I've had a number of ignition switches go bad, a couple fairly recently. Fortunately, an ease fix once correctly diagnosed.