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59 Lark License plate light and window

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  • Body: 59 Lark License plate light and window

    Can someone please explain to me how the license plate light and the window for the light are supposed to go back to together? This is for a 59 Lark.

    The PO didnt have a light in there, so I wanted to get that replaced (plus, I dont want to get pulled over for not having that light working). I got the bulb, but now there is not enough clearance for the metal frame, the plastic window, and the bulb if I mount all of them on the INSIDE of the trunk. Does the frame and plastic window go on the OUTSIDE of the trunk, just above the license plate? That doesnt seem right. I feel like Im missing something here, any advice would be appreciated.

    It almost looks like the bulb is in the wrong place- like the mount its on is bent or something. Do I need an even smaller bulb?

    I tried checking the manuals I have, and there are no drawings that show how that should all fit together.


    Click image for larger version

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    Look in the 1959 to 1964 Chassis Parts Catalog page 197. From your photo it looks like there is enough room to mount the lens.


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      It takes a small one, I can't remember the number. an 89? What bulb is in there?

      I have seen them both ways. The screws go from the outside. on the inside there is a thin gasket, lense, and the retainer sits on top.

      I have also seen them with the screws on the inside of the trunk and all the other parts outside. It can be the later, the parts book would show it.

      It's your choice. Do you want the screw tips to cut you when you clean the inside of the trunk, or when you wash the outside?


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        '60 owners manual shows bulb to be a no. 67.


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          I am not sure the Lens will fit without seeing it on your Car and it may not matter, but the correct Bulb is a Round Glass type and you have a elongated Glass type.

          Here is the correct bulb, a #67 and there are other higher numbered/brighter ones with the same Base and round glass.

          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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            Originally posted by rbisacca View Post
            Look in the 1959 to 1964 Chassis Parts Catalog page 197. From your photo it looks like there is enough room to mount the lens.
            Thanks for that! Yeah, I have to figure out how to make that all fit on the inside. I think I have an idea, will try to tomorrow.

            The bulb I have is a 67, which looks to be the correct one.

            Ill let you know if I have any issues.

            Thanks everyone!


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              It worked: I had to take out the bulb assembly, THEN install the frame and window on the inside. After that, the bulb assembly barely fit against the window.