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In tank fuel pump

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  • Fuel System: In tank fuel pump

    Has anyone ever put a electric fuel pump in a stock gas tank of 56 power hawk? The ones I'm finding are too tall.

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    When I converted my 54K to TPI I found what you did. The stock (SBC Ones) were to tall so I put about a 4" sump in the bottom to allow one to fit from a early 90's Caprice. Now days, Holley, Aeromotive and other usual suspects make nice units that solve both height and fuel starvation issues.



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      Thanks Bob I believe that will work !!!


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        Here's an option I used on my project, '53 Wagon. I used a unit from "Tanks". It is just slightly too tall so I made a 1/4" spacer ring from aluminum which just allows it to fit in the area shown. I had to heat and flatten the stock ribs in the top of the tank but otherwise it mated up just fine. I had to make an additional gasket but that was not a problem. You will probably have to make three spacers to lower your tank down some to clear the height of the new pump's top fittings but otherwise you should be good. To help stabilize the feed and return hoses I brazed on a metal plate that I had predrilled holes to mount my an fittings on. Please make sure your tank's fumes are completely vented before any flame is brought near.
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          Also, install a "rollover / crash switch" to shut the pump off in case of an accident! -Jim


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            Thanks guys. I bought a new gas tank from Stephen Allen one of the Studebaker Vendors.