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Rear axle splines

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  • Rear Axle: Rear axle splines

    I have a 67 Avanti. What number of axle splines does it have?
    thanks in advance

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    Studebaker used 19 splines. The later Avantis used a finer spline, but not sure when they changed. You might pull one to be sure. It's good to do to repack the outer wheel bearings anyway.
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      I believe flanged axles were 31 splines. My '63 has tapered axles and 19 splines. I think '67's were flanged. If you have a big nut holding the axle in you have tapered. No nut---flanged.


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        You might as well put zerks in to make packing the outer bearings much easier too. Think I wrote up the procedure a deckade or more ago and posted it here.
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          My 66 had tapered axles with 19 splines like Studebaker. Avanti used a HD Dana 44 with 30 spline axles around 1970 and up. 67 to 69 might have used the 65/66 Studebaker flanged axle rear end with 27 spline axles. The key is whether it has flanged or tapered axles. An early 67 might still be tapered.
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            How many splines does the pinion gear have on a 63 Avanti?