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Need some Pulley Advice

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  • Need some Pulley Advice

    Well.. I am actually one part away from having everything I need
    to finish converting our 63 Lark OHV 6 cylinder to a modern A/C
    system. I need toget some sort of extra crank pulley to operate
    the factory location, upgraded compressor. I have a stock Studebaker
    Compressor bracket that I will be using a Sanden type compressor
    adapter bracket on it. It seem that no one has one, so is there some sort of engine crank pulley that can be made to work either by re-machining or re-drilling for this application? Would really appreciate your advice....Waydon

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    Calling Studeman (Ray Fichthorn).
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      In the past I have seen info on using pulleys from a Chrysler 318 on Studebaker V-8s. I don't know if this would apply to the sixes. You could take your old single pulley to a salvage yard and do some comparing.
      There's has got to be someone in the club with experience with this.

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        This may be more than you are looking for, but Newman Altman used to have NOS kits designed to help dealers after-install AC in 6cyl. Larks. Included were pulleys, fan, fan shroud, and other small stuff. My recollection is that the compressor, evap & condensor were not included. Does SASCO still have some of these?