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Quick Q on C-Cab parts interchange

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  • Body: Quick Q on C-Cab parts interchange

    Trying to determine if pickup doors interchange across what years. Will '51 doors fit a '55 c-cab? And regarding fenders, '49 to '64 all interchange, correct?

    Really appreciate any feedback.

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    Yes the Doors are all the same, '49 to '59 Pickups and also '49 to '64 1 Ton and larger.

    The front Fenders are also the same except the '57-'64's have many Holes for the Fiberglass Grille AND also except the Cab and Chassis and non-Pickups are "Big Truck" Fenders with larger Wheel opening and narrow forward dog leg.

    Not sure about the '54 to '56 Fenders matching the '49-'53 exactly, they may also have extra Holes, but could be made to work.
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      To add to Rich's response: 1/2 and 3/4-ton trucks have smaller wheel well openings in the fenders. 1.5 and 2-ton trucks have larger wheel well openings. One-ton trucks could have either, depending on original tire size. All will "fit" but the big truck fenders look weird on trucks with 15" and 16" wheels, and 19" and 20" tires will rub on smaller fenders. 2R thru E-series (1949-55) truck doors do not have holes drilled for the window visors, while the later ones do.
      Skip Lackie


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        Ok great info, thanks to the both of you! I had some of this info compiled somewhere but lost my notes lol.


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          I put a 49 fender on a 58, just had to drill the extra holes. You have to fill the extra holes to go the other way.