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Rubber Floor Mats / Commander / basic compatibility with other StudeBaker floor rubber

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  • Interior: Rubber Floor Mats / Commander / basic compatibility with other StudeBaker floor rubber

    ALL--- I have a 56 commander wagon/2 door--- old floor rubber is shot

    can floor rubber from a Studebaker truck, or a Lark , BASICALLY FIT close enought ?

    I am not looking for perfection

    ThANK U

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    The Lark mat should be pretty close, but you are much better off with carpeting than a mat. The rubber mat holds in any moisture and rusts the floor. The carpet to some extent will wick the moisture away from the floor and allow it to evaporate.
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      Draw up a template of the cargo area, take it down to the nearest bone yard or pull a part. Those mats from all kinds of SUV's are thick on the ground... Literally!


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        one thing to consider. the rubber floor mats have a tendency to trap moisture.


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          Rubber mats have killed more Studebakers than any other cause in my opinion.....


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            What they said. Easy to clean but requires full moisture sealing of the floor before installation...