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M5 Instrument Cluster

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: M5 Instrument Cluster

    I am needing to remove my M5's Instrument cluster and really have no idea how to go about it. My gas gauge and temp gauge do not work and I need to get them working.
    MY dash has been repainted and I don't want to go poking around and mess up the good job that was done.Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Also I want to get brake lights hooked up and I understand that I need to work around the master cylinder. I am a novice to all this so I really need some guidance.

    Thanks All

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    Welcome to the forum. I'd recommend consulting the workshop manual and the chassis manual. There are pictures, part numbers and good advice about every item (mostly) on the whole Truck.

    The speedo and gauges are removed as an assembly from the backside of the dash. . You'll want to mark every wire, and pull it as a unit. If your wire harness is original, now is the time to replace any bad wires.

    A special socket is best for removing stop switches, you should bleed the system at this time. (you should every few years anyway)

    All of this is 'in the book' and many here will guide you through it too, but another reference is always nice.

    Good luck with your truck.


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      Removing the cluster is probably not where to start to diagnose your gauge issues. Most of the time the fuel gauge is going to be on the sender side. And odds are your temperature gauge's bourdon tube has been pinched or broken to stop that from working. The fuel gauge is electrical and pretty easy to troubleshoot. The temperature gauge will have to be professionally repaired. This page describes how it works:

      Brake light switch is on the back of the master cylinder. Here is a picture of mine. You can see the wires going into the switch.

      Again don't assume the switch is bad. Short it out and see if the brake lights come on. If not you have another problem or problems