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Door rubber adhesive

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  • Body: Door rubber adhesive

    All--- when putting the adhesive ( in my case locktite contact cement ( Black ) )
    does one have to put the contact cement on the rubber also, or just in the rubber channel in body and then pushing the rubber in and holding it in place ??

    thanks alot

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    When you put the adhesive on, let it 'tack' a few minutes. When you set the seal up there, carefully put it where you want it and press and it will stay. You can put a thin slather on the seal every few inches and when the glue hits glue, it won't be moving. If it is sliding around, wait a bit longer or it will not be a good job. Do a foot or so at a time if you are new at this.


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      Not sure of that actual product, read and follow it's instructions. However, if it is truly a contact cement, yes, you put it on both pieces and let it "tack"; not dry, just dry enough it doesn't slime you when you touch it then you put them together. True contact cement won't work if you only put it on one side/piece.


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        Most people use the 3M's Weatherstrip Adhesive sold at Auto Paint Stores for Professionals.

        After BOTH sides have Tacked off, you activate the cement with a very light layer on one side only and apply it wet.
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          Watch this and you will have it from the experts.


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            Clean or wash your new moldings first. Most will have mould-release on them (keeps them from sticking in their mould). If left on, it will keep the adhesive from doing a good job.
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              Has anyone used double-sided tape for this application? I need to do mine and I sure don't want to remove the doors to do it. I'm thinking it might be easier and less messy, at least for the front of the door where access is limited, to say the least.
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                Great advise--- I am ready to go


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                  Post #5 is your only valid answer.