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New rebuilt 289 2BLL still runs like crap after professional carb rebuild

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    Don't even get me started on the so called "professional" rebuilds.

    A couple of years ago I sent the 2bbl on the Power Hawk in for a rebuild and because I plan on selling the car, I wanted it to look "pretty" as well. It came back "pretty" and all but ran like crap. Turned out that I ended up by sending the car up to Mark Frank in Lorena, TX and he said it was full of "crap." I had noticed that one of the linkages was put in wrong which was not a good sign. Needless to say I cannot recommend a single one of the "professionals" who advertise widely.

    What I can recommend is someone like T-Bow who has a sterling reputation or other Stude vendor that you trust. All others are "also rans."

    The sad part is the fact that the Stromberg is one of the simplest carbs out there...


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      I have found the power valve vacuum piston stuck down in several WW carbs causing problems.Luck Doofus


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        Assuming you have the correct fuel supply pressure to the carb, I offer the following:

        I had the exact same problem with my Dave T-Bow built WCFB on a fresh engine. Turned out to be just a piece of trash preventing the needle from seating. I called up T-Bow, described the problem. He told me to pinch off the rubber fuel line until the engine started to stumble from fuel starvation then release the line. The rush of fuel into the carb washed the trash out and the car has run perfectly ever since.

        Good Luck
        "Trying to shed my CASO ways"



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          Just to mention .... as an aside--- I put a 4 barrel on the 289 and totally loved it


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            Since Edelbrock now owns Carter, can anyone suggest the best replacement and cfm size of a new one that best fits the Stude engine?


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              You want the Electric Choke 500 cfm 1403

              Here is one, they are not as cheap as the 600 every Chev. owner in the World wants, so not as big a seller.


              Whatda you know, Summit has one of those open to the dirt, water, oil and debris, Air Cleaners FREE with purchase on a mail-in offer until 12/31/18!

              Of course you DO need the '63-'64 AFB Intake Manifold or one of our Studebaker Vendor modified 2 brl. Intakes to fit the AFB Size Carb.
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                  After several rebuild attempts,I gave up on the Carter. I have had a 600 CFM Edelbrock on my Avanti R-2 for several years, and it works fine. Ted Harbit once told me he prefers the 600 CFM version--I think 1406 is the model number.
                  Stan Gundry