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Champion flathead 169ci six - Reversed head ports for boost

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  • Engine: Champion flathead 169ci six - Reversed head ports for boost

    Has anybody or Legendary Bill C ever reversed the inlets and exhaust ports?
    Bill believed maintaining backpressure via small-diameter exhaust systems
    improved their performance. Since exhausts speeds are always healthy reducing
    the ports to the 3 bigger inlets probably would not hurt in a turbo application and
    yet the extra ports converted for inlets would create less inlet heat issues.
    Im sure theres plenty of meat for enlarging the exhaust ports for inlets and the same
    for reversing the valve sizes to suit the new configuration on these stout blocks.

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    Since reversing intake and exhaust ports has been tried on Ford flatheads, Chevy V8s, numerous import 4-cyls, there are those who thought it a good idea. However, until all the existing potential in the Champion has been maximized, why go looking for more? There have been a few serious turbocharged builds, Salt2Salt chief among them, and IIRC, Sal did a homebrew version.

    The first decision to be made is the budget. Next, street or race. If race, whether any class rules are operative. Salt2Salt runs in the classes at Bonneville which have limits on the technology which can be used, so has to work within those regs.

    If one were just wanting bragging rights of being the world's fastest Champion flathead, he might buy an existing roller streamliner with a current logbook, build a computer controlled crank-triggered ignition, direct injection, with two small turbochargers running alcohol and a billet steel camshaft. That combination should run an easy 200 MPH. All it takes is time and money.

    jack vines