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  • Shocks: 1962 GT Hawk

    I know this has been discussed many times but I can't lay my hands on the actual application for the rear of my friend's '62 GT Hawk. I am assuming it is a stud(pin) at each end and I'm trying to get rear shocks in Bilstein as the Konis still haven't become available. I understand that there are generic (eg Gabriel) shocks available but I'm trying to get the most performance out of my friend's new ride(sway bars etc). I don't have any problem modifying the mounts so if anyone has successfully done this please let me know. I am using the '63-65 Buick Riviera fronts so I am looking for a good match.
    Cheers and thanks in advance.

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    On my '62 GT neither end has a "pin". The top has a tube running through the rubber grommet and eye that fits into the crossmember. It must fit snugly in the crossmember or you will bend the member tightening the shock bolt or it will rattle or both. The lower end has the typical grommeted eye with a short tube in it that a bolt runs through. I had to add a spacer and long bolt in order to get the shock to run in a straight line.
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      bensherb has the right shock for a 62. they are available from rockauto. The only difference on the 64 is the bottom has a pin or stud whatever you want to call it and the lower spring plate is built slightly different. They are harder shocks to find than a 62 and of course, cost more.


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        Thanks swvalcon and bensherb. But do you know of another application for the rear which I can chase down to source Bilsteins such as the fronts being early Buick Riviera?


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          Maybe this will help....