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piston cinch pin removal on '55 259

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  • Engine: piston cinch pin removal on '55 259

    My search yesterday for a single piston for the 259 was successful. Today I started to dismantle the rod from the existing damaged, piston. A " screw pin" goes through the top of the rod. The flat spot on the pin must match up with a flat spot groove on the wrist pin. A nut and lock washer are installed on the side of screw pin with the flat side showing. The other side of this screw pin has a round flat bladed screw head. If you think that'll move counter clockwise, think again. I believe the screw head is there just to make working with this pin easier. I don't think it really screws into anything because there is a nut and lock washer on the "T" side of the piston. And if the flat part of the cinch pin is matched up to a groove, seems like one set of threads might be working against the other. Ive tried heat, wd 40 and different removal methods. I did try unscrewing it at first. Thought I'd quit and check with some of you experienced guys before I bust the crap out of everything! Any advice will of course be very appreciated.

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    I usually back the nut off, remove the star washer, screw the nut just about all of the way back on and then tap the nut with a brass mallet. I've used this technique for years with good results. Just be sure when tapping on the nut, that the rod isn't hitting the piston skirt. Bud


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      Remove the nut, and lock washer, and install the nut on the opposite side, and tighten it.
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        The Studebaker service manual has the procedure in it.
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          Thanks all. Found it in the manual. Don't know how or why I missed it . Guess I just kind of panicked and hit the forum.