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Lowered springs for '51 Champion

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  • Frame / Springs: Lowered springs for '51 Champion

    I ordered a pair of coil springs from Eaton (Detroit Spring) to lower the front of my '51 Champion two inches from the stock ride height. I got them yesterday and was surprised to find that they had not been ground flat on the ends like stock Studebaker springs. They look instead like they were made for a Ford or Chevy. The Eaton representative says he has sold 10 sets of the same Studebaker springs (eight of the sets have been for a two-inch lowering) and no one has yet complained. Still, it looks to me like the protruding end of the wire the springs were wound from will act like a chisel and quickly chew through the rubber spring pads at each end of the coils.

    The Eaton rep says they determined that there was no benefit from grinding the spring ends flat, but I have to think there was a reason Studebaker did it that way. The rep says he can grind them, but he at least needs to see a good photo of the ground end of a stock spring so they can duplicate it. Can anyone who has a spring out of their car send me a couple of photos of the flat end of the spring so I can forward it to Eaton. Getting springs with the flat spring ends is one of the major reasons I ordered the new springs rather than cutting the stock ones which would have left the coil looking just like the ones I ended up receiving from Eaton.

    Also, has any club member purchased and used any of the eight sets of lowered Studebaker springs Eaton has made, and what has been the result when they were installed? Did the springs give the desired two-inch lowering? Or more? Or less?

    I'll greatly appreciate photos from anyone who can email them to me so I can send the most useful ones to Eaton. It should help make the springs more like real Studebaker parts for everyone else who orders them from now on.

    My email address is