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1952 2R5 Leaning to the Left When Parked

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  • Frame/Springs: 1952 2R5 Leaning to the Left When Parked

    I recently purchased a 1952 2R5 pickup and noticed that the truck seems to be leaning to the left (i.e., left side is lower than the right) a fair amount. I thought it had a slight lean when I purchased it, but it's definitely leaning. I need to take measurements to confirm and to guage by how much one side is lower than the other. Does anyone have any ideas for what could be causing this? Leaf springs? Thanks in advance!

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    most likely worn or cracked leaf springs. Seems like I found a donor and put the right springs on my left side, but not sure. (Been nearly 30 years)
    when I first got my 2R5 back in 1987, I welded up a broken rear spring and put in a little stiffener at the site. it held, but I HIGH recommend against it, as it is a dangerous practice and I shouldn't have done it.
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      The left side is always heavier because of the extra weight of the steering column and pedals
      There are several holes in the spring mounts to move to and there are shorter spring hangers available.


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        The asymmetry you describe is common on Studebaker pickups. The weight of the battery, driver and the fuel tank are all on the left side, as is the steering box and pedals. IIRC, there are even left and right front springs. If anyone has had these off and didn't realize the difference, they could have been replaced incorrectly.

        The rubber bushings in the Studebaker front and rear springs are junk and they're always worn through on older trucks.

        jack vines
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          Oh phew, at first I thought we were talking politics here...
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            yep, I had to replace the bushings as well.


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              My 54 sedan was leaning badly on the drivers side and I couldn't see any thing obvious until I removed the rear springs and one leaf was broken. There is a local spring manufacturing company that has been in business for as long as I can remember and he had the original specks for my springs and made a new set, They fit back in by hand and all the pins went in with no issues, they were a perfect fit. I mentioned to him about re arcing and he said he wouldn't even consider it.


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                I had the same trouble on my Sky Hawk and some shims were inserted in both front springs to make the car sit level, but now the front sits a bit higher than the back.
                peter lee