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  • Fuel System: Witches brew ;-)

    I know the following has been discussed many times, but wanted to add the following:

    My Avanti is usually driven only in the high heat of the summer, and a bit in the fall.

    The following is my own fuel concoction to thwart engine "nasties"......aka.....detonation/ping.

    If possible I start with Sunoco 93 that I add:

    4 ozs of CD-2 fuel additive (with Lubrizol).....the product is NLA and I utilize the stock I purchased many years ago.
    6 ozs of Octane Supreme TEL additive (available from Wild Bills Corvette)
    4 ozs of MMO

    At the end of the driving season I fill the tank and add Star-Tron fuel stabilizer and ethanol phase preventative.

    With the above, I have never experienced any ping/detonation in the summer no matter the temps and load I care to put the engine under.

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    I have heard that one quart of diesel per 10 gal of non-moonshine gas helps raise octane and make this nasty white gas less volitile... Tried it once but got a bit too much diesel--kinda smokey!


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      Your opinions and results may differ.

      FWIW, adding diesel to gasoline actually lowers the operating octane.

      jack vines