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  • Fuel System: Fuel Sender Leak

    In preparation for storing away my 62 GT I filled the gas tank right to the brim. The next morning I found a small leak and found that gas was seeping from the sender. I recently installed a new sender so I knew the gasket was fresh. I tightened the screws but still had one that was seeping ever so slightly. I tightened it a bit more and it seems OK but I was wondering if wrapping the screws in Teflon tape would be advisable or not? Would there be another sealant I could apply to the threads to reduce the chance of a leak over the winter?

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    It should be noted that a 187763 Washer, special was used one each on the 5 screws to the tank. This should be a copper washer to seal under the screw head.


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      In addition to making sure you have the copper washers, I'd give the threads a dab of Permatex #2 Aviation sealer, non-hardening.


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        Yea, and don't tighten the fasteners TOO tight. They don't need THAT much torque to seal properly.
        When the cork seal on my 59 Lark started leaking, I bought the dark grey gasket material from a parts store (most everyone carries it), and made my own. That stuff is nice material.
        I've used it for intake , exhaust gaskets, fuel sender gasket, carburetor and water pump (brand x) (and water manifold) gaskets. I keep a sheet around till it starts to get hard, then toss it for fresh material.



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          FYI, old Beetle gas sender gaskets (if you can still find them!) will also work; right size & number of screw holes.


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            Thanks everyone. There are no copper washers so those must have misplaced at some point in the past. That would explain the seepage I would think. I'll get a set of those and the permatex sealer. The gasket was new last summer so I think it is ok.


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              Right. The copper washers are absolutely necessary. BP
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