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  • Interior: Hawk Dash Overlay

    For the GT Hawk dash center overlay, does anyone have any tips on how to get the nut on the bolt that secures the corner that comes to a point? I can barely get my fingers in there, and then trying to get a nut started seems damn near impossible.


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    If it's where I think you mean; remove the Tachometer. Access through its hole.


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      This pic might help you. In difficult cases, I use a magnet to hold everything together.
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        That is an awesome and VERY helpful photo!!!
        Thanks so much Christophe.


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          You're welcome Kyle.
          But you'll have to thank Dell Simpson (wdsj on the forum) for taking the picture. He is currently dismantling his 62 GT to perform a top-notch restoration. He gave me access to his pictures as I wanted to check some details.
          By the way, in case you had not noticed, the speed nuts at the back of the dashboard are not affixed to it. So, if you remove a screw without holding the nut, you will have to spend some time to retrieve it wherever it goes. Please, don't ask me how I know!

          Nice day to all.


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            The "screws " on that overlay are actually aluminum studs attached to it. They break off very easily. When I got my '62 the studs were gone and small holes were broken through the overlay which was only held on by the radio attachment. I filled the holes in the dash with JB Weld then drilled and tapped it 4-40 to match the holes in the overlay, then attached it with SS oval head screws. While not factory, it looks great and doesn't appear out of place, (nobody has ever noticed it). I've since found a better overlay, with only one broken stud but no hole, I JB Welded a screw in place of the missing stud but haven't installed it yet.


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              There is always the miracle of emblem tape!