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Dakota Frame/running gear under C Cab truck

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    Several years ago, I was interested in doing a conversion like what is being discussed here. I found a guy in eastern Kentucky, as I recall, that did many of these conversions on many different makes. What made his conversion different, is that he retained the floorboard and firewall of the donor vehicle, by carefully cutting, and then removing what was left of the donor cab.
    What was remaining was the donor ,late model frame running gear, floor board and firewall and all of the parts that are attached to the floorboard, and firewall. Seats, heat/AC/Defrost, steering etc.. He then would cut and mate the older cab to fit what was left of the donor vehicle and weld it all back together.


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      JLB: you wouldn't happen to know who that was do you? I'd like to see a build thread of a dakota done exactly the same way with a 2R5 as the cab of choice while keeping the modern stuff in there.


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        No sir I do not know the name of the guy . It was at least 4-5 years ago, and once I made a purchase, I discarded his information. I do recall that I found him through Craig's List. He was not particular about what he converted, so you might try a Craig's List search, for Studebaker, IH, Dodge etc.
        A friend of mine might recall the town in E. Kentucky.............I'll check with him and see if he remembers.


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          There is an M5 build on the Studebaker truck talk site. It has been swapped to a ford explorer frame, with a chevy engine. The work is done very well, and there are some good ideas for anybody considering a frame swap. There is a lot of information, and photos, to back up the process.


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            I'm thinking of using the cowl and seating area from a 98-01 Dakota as well, just to keep from having to do a bunch of electrical work.