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  • Engine: $38K oilpan...

    Wow! Get this oilpan for $38,000.....

    Click image for larger version

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    With the condition of that, it's a wonder the oil pump is even pulling anything in...
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    I have only torn down 2 stude V8's, but both oil pans looked like that when I pulled them off the engine. I then spent hours with hammer and dolly on the one I choose to use to make it look like it should.

    Did you see this on e-bay? I could list my dented spare pan for sale and cuts that guys price in half.
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      Plus, I don’t like to see exhaust clamps installed with the saddle and threads/nuts pointing down. Much easier to scrape on something and tear your exhaust system loose. I was fortunate enough to hang around a Studebaker Service facility when they were still new cars. Those clamps were always rotated to something beyond 90 degrees, so the lowest feature was just a bit of the u-bolt itself, with the saddle portion completely out of the way.


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        I had to go back and look at the picture after Jerry’s comment. I noticed the right tie rod has the clamps but the left one does not.

        After my hole in the oil pan trick, I would swap the tie rods end for end so they do not come in contact with any thing up there!

        My other thought on the oil pan was maybe the oil pump sucked the pan up from not enough oil in the pan.



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          While looking i noticed the crossmember,looks like it has seen some Ar country back roads! Luck Doofus


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            Saving money on oil change-4 qts would be plenty! Would not purchase anything that showed that degree of abuse.


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              Left one has clamps, they are just more in the proper position to where they are not hanging down.
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                Doofus, the ends being crushed like that are probably from being raised on frame arm hoist with the pads positioned under the ends of the cross member. My Avanti had the same affliction until I started bending back straight. I still want to replace the cross member with a new unit...


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                  Looks like an Avanti to me. I could see some one asking $38,000 for one but after looking at some of the work done on it, he can keep on asking.