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Pancake air filters???

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  • Fuel System: Pancake air filters???

    What vehicles?
    What years?
    Part numbers?

    Several days ago, we had a thread discussing air filters. ( ) During that discussion, I posted comments regarding replacing a bulky air filter with a smaller pancake air filter. Later, I received a private message from one of our members in France asking me for the specifications on the filter. Honestly, I don't know the factory details, except for the fact that it was on my 1955 E-5 Studebaker as it came from the factory. Sometime in the forty-three years, I have had the truck, I picked up a spare. The spare one is the one I have now installed on my 1948 Champion Business Coupe. The reason being that I think the smaller filter looks neater, holds less heat, and therefore, makes it less likely that gasoline will percolate, boil, and evaporate from the carburetor reservoir.

    When I got the private message, I had planned to look in my Truck Parts Manual for the part number on this filter before responding. Well...I got distracted and never got around to it. Last night, I remembered the private message request, but then couldn't locate my parts book. It must be buried somewhere among a pile of other unfinished projects in one of my outbuildings. Therefore, I am requesting some of you better organized/knowledgeable members to help with this. My experience with this little factory pancake filter is limited to my truck. I'm wondering if it was offered as a factory option to a broader group of vehicles, like other six-cylinder cars, and other years than 1955?

    In addition, I don't believe this filter is a Studebaker exclusive item. I think I have seen it on other makes with no branding logo.

    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    SDC member since 1975

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    In 1949 Studebaker car shop manual they list oil bath in certain states and other air filter in other states. They have a map showing these areas. Northeast seems to be the "other area". My 49 champion has oil bath, have no idea what the other filter looks like, anyone have a pix of one?


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      Yes, here is my oil wetted (not oil bath) air filter on my 1950 Land Cruiser, which sold new to a northeastern state before I bought the car. I have the screen tucked in place now, but still need to paint the can black and apply a new label.
      Click image for larger version

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        A dry air filter was not available on 2R5 trucks, though several were available later and/or on other models. There are no pictures of the various models in the parts book, so I can't ID the one in your picture.
        519861: 3R5
        684031: E5 and E6
        526287: 3R6

        These all presumably fit single-barrel carbs. so they may all be functionally interchangeable. Studebaker bought their air cleaners from other companies, so the differences may lie in the manufacturer and the refill.
        Skip Lackie


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          OK...I found my Truck Parts Catalog! However, it reveals why I would not make a good person to work in the parts department at either a dealership or an Auto Parts Store. I get so frustrated trying to negotiate all the steps required to match up parts with the illustrations that are never on the same page as the pictures, and they use only one picture for items that do not look exactly like the part pictured. Then...once you find a number, there are "NOTES" where you have to go forty pages back, that might tell you that part only applies to a series of serial number vehicles (and of course, you don't have a serial number to reference.)

          In the truck catalog, which covers many years of trucks, there are 30 different air cleaners listed. Some are export only but have a note that they can be special ordered for domestic trucks.

          Best I can tell, there are only six dry type air cleaners, but still...I can't match a part number with confidence that the specific number will be the small dry type filter seen on the carburetor in my initial post???? Therefore, if any of you happen to have one in the factory box, with the part number on the box, how 'bout sharing it with us. It would be a help to our member in France. I am going to answer his private message to me with a link to this thread so that if any of you can help, hopefully, he will read it.

          I see that while I was venting my frustrations...Skip posted above...Thanks, Skip. If you don't know exactly...then I don't feel too bad about not knowing.
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

          SDC member since 1975


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            I had a look at the 59-64 parts manual.
            It shows three models of this type. Look for 0303-1A references.
            Nice day to all.
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